About us

ALPIN GEOLOGIE was founded in 1998 in Merano (South Tyrol). Over the course of a few years, thanks to the professionalism of its partners and staff, our office was able to establish itself at a regional level and take on increasingly more demanding assignments. Today ALPIN GEOLOGIE has a young, dynamic and competent team. And we have broadened our working horizons, providing specialist services domestically and abroad. Partners, staff and the administrative team work together with great dedication and team spirit to manage the rapid changes in the working world. Expanding professional knowledge and staying up to date in the technical field are today’s challenges, and we are happy to take them on. Our knowledge, passion and skills guide our decisions and allow us to continue to be a point of reference for private individuals, freelancers and public institutions and administrations.

The team

Simone Tacus

Partner and Legal Representative, Geologist

Lucas Pagliarini

Partner and Legal Representative, Geologist

Lukas Perkmann

Partner and Legal Representative, Geologist

Chiara Gussetti

Administration, Engineer

Lorenzo Bortolini

Staff, Geologist

Massimiliano Galli

Staff, Geologist

Stefano Marighetti

Staff, Geologist

Alex Stricker

Geologist, Trainee

Peter Schweigkofler

Staff, Engineer

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