Our fields of expertise

We live and breathe applied geology and provide individual solutions and quick responses to our clients’ requests: Natural hazards, geotechnical planning, environmental geology, natural resources, and hydrogeology. We are versatile and focus on professionalism in every area. Passion and commitment are our top priorities, no matter the complexity or size of the job.

Geology and geotechnics

  • Geological, geomechanical and hydrogeological survey
  • Drafting of thematic maps
  • Planning, organisation and evaluation of field investigations and laboratory analyses
  • Geological and geotechnical characterisation and modelling
  • Seismic characterisation of subsurfaces
  • Safety checks
  • Management of excavated soil and rocks
  • Design of protective structures against hydrogeological natural hazards
  • Consulting and geological design of underground structures
  • Geological consulting for the construction and maintenance of via ferrata (fixed rope climbing routes)


Natural hazards

  • Survey of areas subject to hydrogeological instability
  • Rock surveys with ropework qualification
  • Hydrogeological hazard and risk assessment
  • Drafting of municipal hazard zone plans (HZP)
  • Preparation of studies for the downgrading of hazard zones
  • 2D and 3D numerical modelling of rockfalls
  • Stability analysis of natural slopes
  • Development of prediction models for hydrogeological natural hazards
  • Construction management for protective structures against hydrogeological natural hazards
  • Planning of monitoring systems and evaluation of data
  • Updating the Landslide Inventory in Italy (IFFI)
  • Updating the register of protective structures (VISO)



Hydrogeological studies and consulting for:

  • Water derivations for private and public drinking water supply and the establishment of drinking water protection zones
  • Utilisation of mineral water resources
  • Construction of hydropower plants and storage reservoirs
  • Water abstraction from deep wells for cooling and heating purposes (geothermal probes and geothermal energy), irrigation (frost irrigation), industry and snow production
  • Groundwater management (groundwater lowering, reclamation, drainage, etc.)

Measurement and monitoring of hydrogeological data:

  • Water sampling for chemical-physical and bacteriological analyses
  • Pumping tests
  • Tracer tests
  • Infiltration and seepage tests
  • Flow measurements of water sources
  • Flow measurements of streams using salt dilution, impeller, etc.


Environmental geology and
natural resources

  • Analysis and assessment of contaminated sites
  • Supervision and implementation of environmental and geological sampling
  • Supervision and organisation of laboratory analyses
  • Drafting of the characterisation plan
  • Design of safety and remediation of polluted sites
  • Site-specific risk analysis
  • Official approval procedures (EIS, EIA)
  • Certification and geological consulting for the remediation and new construction of landfills
  • Supervision and organisation of radon measurements
  • Consulting in the field of raw material geology (quarries, pits, peat diggings)